Team Relationship Position (by leg)
1+ 2 3+ 4 5+ 6 7 8
Alex,Kyle Brothers 3rd 1st 1st 2nd"" 1st 1st 1st 1st
Tobias,Justin Best Friends 1st 5th 3rd 1st 4th 2nd 2nd 2nd
Alicia,Rose Sisters 2nd 2nd _5th_ 4th 2nd 3rd 3rd
Anneliese,Corie Best Friends _6th_ 4th 4th 3rd 3rd 4th
Ryan,Jordan Brothers 5th 3rd 2nd 5th^^
Owen,Hannah Siblings 4th 6th
  • = Non Elimination Leg
  • "" = Gave someone the U-Turn
  • ^^=Got the U-Turn